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National Data Survey
of Black Single Mothers

National Data Survey of Black Single Mothers

Recently, The Current Project enlisted public opinion research firm, Evitarus, to survey middle to low income Black single mothers from across the country to ascertain their perspectives on the direction of the country, indicators of social and economic well-being, and issues like public school choice. 

As an organization, our work has always been framed by the belief that Black single mothers, in particular, "Middler Moms" who out earn social safety net programs but under earn to economically thrive where they live, were essential to the thriving of many communities across the country. We were hearing the stories. Now we have the data to support them in this groundbreaking survey. 


Press Release
Black Single Mothers Speak Out: New Poll Underscores Concern Over Direction of the Country, Struggle to Cover Basic Expenses, and Importance of Public School Choice

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