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the currentlab

What is the currentlab?


In 2022, The Current Project is launching its second cohort, one focused on equipping single mothers to successfully complete a small business accelerator. The CurrentLab, a 6-month program will function as a laboratory for business viability, product and program innovation, revenue growth, community building, and identity mastery.





The CurrentLab will provide access to targeted support for Black mothers to build the personal and professional infrastructure to expand their business, create and strengthen a revenue model canvas and marketing plan, and prepare to launch or scale their business in the marketplace.


What problem Are we solving?


Founded by a Black single mother, The Current Project understands and intentionally responds to the distinct, unequal challenges of Black women face in entrepreneurship. Compounded by implicit bias, the majority of business accelerators are designed, led, and mentored by male leaders, who by lived experience, do not share the racial and gendered intersectional realities of being Black and woman in this country.

What Makes this accelerator unique?


Other small business accelerators thrive on the participants having access to ongoing financial and communal support, with disposable income that supports the increasing costs of running a business. During the CurrentLab accelerator, our participants will receive a monthly stipend to temporarily alleviate the core costs-of-living experiences (rent, transportation, and utilities) so they can focus both their energy and financial resources into their business. 










Participants will work with Black and Brown women-identifying clinicians, narrative-based therapy and digital self-care tools​.

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