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Press statement: Executive Director of The Current Project Responds To FoodCorps’ $250M Initiative

Executive Director of The Current Project, Alisha Gordon,

Responds To FoodCorps’ $250 Million Initiative To Address Child Hunger

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New York, New York (October 3, 2022) – Alisha L. Gordon, Founder and Executive Director of The Current Project, reacts to the Biden-Harris Administration National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health’s announcement of FoodCorps $250 million commitment to free, healthy school meals for all children: “We are elated to learn of the White House’s public commitment to free, healthy school meals for all children, in partnership with organizations like FoodCorps, whose 8-year, $250 million commitment ensures hands-on nutrition education in schools. FoodCorps innovative approach to food security for school-aged children is of special importance to The Current Project as we understand the direct correlation between the thriving of Black single mothers and the children for which they are raising. Social policies that support many Black female heads of households, e.g. SNAP, WIC, cash assistance, etc. and with inflation putting further strain on Black families, many are left without access to food options at home, leaving the burden of addressing food disparities to schools across the country. Initiatives like these not only point us toward a future where policies meet the real needs of families, but ensure that children have the emotional and physical capacity to thrive in schools across the nation. Our approach and commitment to “middler moms,” Black single mothers who outearn social safety net options but do not earn enough to close their economic and social gaps through gainful employment, are a niche group we believe will benefit from public policies and funding such as FoodCrops Nourishing Futures initiatives. We believe that when Black single mothers thrive, we all have the capacity to thrive, and that includes the millions of children who are the benefactors of this important initiative.”

To learn more about The Current Project, visit or follow the organization on Instagram at @currentprojectinc.

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About The Current Project

The Current Project (TCP) is an advocacy-centered, and mission-driven 501(c)(3) organization focused on supporting the well-being of Black single mothers. Grounded in the Black single motherhood experience, the organization connects programming and policy to help close the social and economic gap for Black single mothers, guiding them to the resources needed to attain and maintain economic stability.

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