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when black single mothers thrive we all thrive

We believe in a world where the social, economic, and emotional thriving of Black single mothers can transform the lives of everyone. 

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Our programmatic, advocacy, and narrative change efforts are underpinned by three critical drivers: social, economic, and emotional thriving.

Social thriving is a vital factor in cultivating fulfilling and profound relationships. We embody practices that create room for social and civic engagement, promoting access to holistic health practices, while providing a support system that nourishes organic growth.

Economic thriving moves the needle not on just day-to-day economics, but moving mothers toward asset-based generational wealth. This is made possible through policies that lengthen the economic runway and help sustain their growth for the longterm.

Emotional thriving creates the conditions for social and economic thriving to become a sustainable experience. Here, we aim to prioritize rest, access to mental health practitioners, and the enlistment of community to support mothers as they engage in practices.

Our end of year SEE Thriving campaign will focus on a different element of our work over the course of eight weeks. We invite you to see the many entry points of thriving of Black single mothers as opportunities to give generously.

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