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Currenteconomics is back.

CurrentEconomics is a signature economic and emotional wellness program that bridges the unique experiences of Black single mothers to the important financial knowledge necessary to build capacity for economic thriving.


Over the course of six weeks, Black mothers will take a deep dive examining their finances, learning practical approaches to budgeting, saving, investment tools – and pausing to explore how our emotional and mental wellness is deeply connected to how we experience and spend money. Most importantly, mothers build a long lasting community within the cohort that nurtures and affirms the brilliance and giftings we all share.

CurrentEconomics was a great experience for me. We need more programs like The Current Project to boost Black single moms to the next level.

Mechelle, Atlanta

Frequently Asked questions

Do I have to commit to all dates?

To ensure participants not only get the financial fortitude needed to thrive, but create meaningful connections with other moms who share their story, participants are committing to the entire program. 


What's the time commitment?

The program begins the week of November 15, 2022. Confirmed participants will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link and other digital materials. The cohort meets a total of six days through the end of December, with two-hour meetings occurring weeknights after 6:30 PM EST.

Is it okay to have my children around or on camera during the sessions?
Of course! We understand that you are juggling parenting, dinner time, and much more. We invite mothers to use our weekly meetings as their “me time.” If you need support identifying how to make this happen, reach out to us!

How many people will be in the cohort? Is there a limit?

Yes! This highly sought after program will be limited to 20 participants. Do not wait to sign up!

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